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Upcoming Shows:

(Seattle unless otherwise noted)

July 20th (at Midnight) - KEXP's Sonarchy Radio - previously recorded, but recorded live

August 22nd - Blue Moon - w/ TBD

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Past Shows:


December 14th - The Josephine - w/ GEMS and Piano Piano

Sept 7th- Conor Byrne - w/ Lowmen Markos, Sun Tunnels, Michael Wohl

And others to be documented when I remember to


Jan 5th - Chop Suey - w/ Scriptures, Lowmen Markos

And others to be documented when I remember to


December 16th - Kelly's Olympian - Portland w/ Mark McGuire and Lowmen Markos
July 16th - Bob's Java Jive - Tacoma w/ Waves and Radiation (big one-off reunion!), and The Legend of Bigfoot
May 19th - Cafe Venus/Mars Bar w/ Zen Tornado, Ensemble Rhizhome
May 1st - The Comet Tavern w/ Lowmen Markos, SNDTRKR
January 21st - Funhouse - Part of the Cumulus Music Festival w/ AFCGT, Panther Attack, The Tron Sack (feat. Kelly Minnis!)


July 16th - Twilight Cafe & Bar w/ Tied to Branches, Merol Muspi, Weather Exposed Skeleton Music
July 17th - Josephine w/ Tied to the panches, Merol Muspi, Big Spider's Back
Febuary 11th - Mars Bar - Part of the Cumulus Music Festival w/ Joy Wants Eternity, Scriptures, Paintings for Animals


May 23rd - KEXP/Jackstraw - Sonarchy radio program
April 16th - Sunset Tavern w/ You.May.Die.In.The.Desert, El Ten Eleven
January 24th - King Cobra - Part of the Cumulus Music Festival w/ Hypatia Lake, Beast Please Be Still, Deelay Ceelay, Unlearn


February 29th - Towne Lounge, Portland w/ Wow and Flutter Bees!
February 28th - Ball of Wax release, Sunset Tavern w/ Webelos, Beast Please Be Still, Correspondents, Snowman Plan, Seth Howard, Sweet Potatoes, Mike Dumovich, Virgin of the Birds


November 21st - Comet Tavern w/ Mars Accelerator, The Transport Assembly, The Drug Purse
December 20th - Blue Moon Tavern w/ Waves and Radiation, Murder Party
September 8th - The Blue Moon Tavern w/ The Human Echo, The Solvents
August 11th - Big Black cover night (yeah, you read that right!), Jules Mae's w/ many others
June 4th - Comet Tavern w/ Narrator, The End of the World, The Reformation
May 4th - Fremont First Friday, Statue of Lenin
April 6th - Blue Moon Tavern w/ Daughters of Atlas, Cock and Swan
March 25th - S.S. Marie Antoinette w/ Invention, Spider Friends, Eldrs (if you have a link, send it!)


December 14th - Rendezvous Jewelbox Theater w/ The Ever Changing Sky
September 25th - Sunset Tavern w/ Beast, Please Be Still, Joy Wants Eternity
August 29th - Sunset Tavern w/ FreeJail, Bill Horist, Neptune
June 10th - Skylark Cafe & Club w/ The Delusions, Amateur Radio Operator
April 28th - S.S. Marie Antoinette w/ Lake of Falcons, The Youngs
March 31st - The Blue Moon Tavern w/ 80/20, Indecisive Rhythm


November 2nd - The Funhouse w/ Magic People (Boston), Sleepy Eyes of Death, Tunnel Of Love (Boston)
September 10th - Jon Wulf house, Olympia Washington w/ Marah Mar
September 9th - Ike Box, Salem Oregon w/ Marah Mar
September 8th - The Blue Moon Tavern w/ Marah Mar
September 7th - Noir, Portland Oregon w/ Marah Mar, Everything is Fine
August 30th - High Dive w/ Shotgun, The Femurs
August 27th - Crazy Daisy, Missoula Montana w/ This is a Process of a Still Life
May 31st - Crocodile w/ The Floating City, Wesafari, Transpacific
March 4th - Aurafice Cafe w/ Bill Horist, You May Die in the Desert
February 11th - The Blue Moon Tavern w/ Ghidra, Sleepy Workers


December 15th - The Sunset Tavern w/ Invisible, Transpacific
November 19th - The Living Room w/ Idlefill
October 23rd - Flying Lion Cafe w/ ourselves
October 16th - SS Marie Antionette w/ this is a process of still life, Arkade, The Rescue Party
September 19th - Sureshot w/ Tableland
August 25th - Graceland w/ Transpacific, N.M.V..GP.TS
August 22nd - Blue Moon w/ The Meehoos, The March Hare Surrenders
August 12th - Showbox/Green Room w/ Honey Tongue, Dead But Dreaming
July 30th - Rendezvous w/ Argo
July 15th - Rainbow Tavern w/ Mark Schlipper, Das Vibenbass
May 21st - Rendezvous w/ Friends with Benefits, The Hot Boys
May 18th - Hideaway - w/ Jon Wooster, The New Death Show
February 28th - Lobo Saloon - w/ National Red
February 27th - Q Cafe - w/ Tableland
February 19th - Beacon Pub - w/ Argo


December 31st - house show - w/ National Red, Infomatik, Levi Fuller
October 3rd - house show - w/ friends
August 4th - Graceland - w/ Ra, Acroma