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"... magnificently unrelenting ..."
- Don Project - SunBreak

- Chris Lael Larson - Deelay Ceelay

"The Luna Moth is self-described as “drone rock.” In the menagerie of seemingly arbitrary genres, sub-genres, and fusion genres, it’s hard to know off the bat exactly what that is supposed to mean. Upon a first listen, it will become apparent that drone rock is actually a pretty legitimate label. It’s not post-rock, it’s not stoner rock, and it’s not shoegaze; it’s all of them, and it’s none of them. Hailing from Seattle, Washington, The Luna Moth plays long fuzzy minimalist songs full of enchanting melodies."
- Buddy Cosner - The Silent Ballet

"Cold moves from North to South and butterflies and geese disappear on the edges. It hunts them like a bad horror movie where the monster can’t run because the costume is simply too heavy. It moves mercilessly and inexorably slow towards the unsuspecting victim. Creeping through the night, the only sound an ominous silence. The prey flees on an imperceptible warning. If they stop now, they will surely perish. The cold marches on, chasing them as they flit randomly through the air or fly in perfect formation. South. Ever southward. And the power trio throws in a little metal influence to make sure you’re listening carefully."
- The Don Project

"There are a few major movements that define the post-rock family tree. There tend to be three geographically-based camps most usually referenced. Those are Scotland, Montreal, and Chicago. The one thing that those three places don't have is tall trees. Seattle has tall trees. The Luna Moth take the days-long, ocean-bred storms of Scotland, mix it with the icy, precise freedom of Montreal, and equalize the output with an inspiring measure of Chicago post-jazz life. This concoction manages to grow an impressive set of enveloping, magnificent song-forests that are both as full of peace and respite as they are of shadows and fear - and indeed, at times it sounds like what those who cause darkness and terror must feel like when they, too, are finally at peace."
- Ben, The Speed of Silence

"I'd certainly suggest to any caveman seeking to get his grizzly hands back on the essence of rock"
- Slightly Confusing to a Stranger

"A sludgy but not sloppy exercise in psychedelic heroism."
- JJ, Blue Moon

" Seattle's The Luna Moth certainly know how to do their work. On their latest release The Compass That Only Points East, they methodically plod through layers of musical murk and banausic rhythms, resulting in uncompromising, steadfast songs for contemplation. "
- April 2005 AstroPOP!, Three Imaginary Girls

"All deserted streets at 3am and fogged up parked car windows sounding."
- JJ, Blue Moon